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white water kayaking maineMaine Kayak offers specialized white water kayaking instruction with a course for every skill level and ability.   We offer individualized teaching with ACA certified instructors to address every student's personal goals and objectives.   We offer a low student to instructor ratio and state of the art whitewater kayaks, safety equipment, and personal gear to provide the optimum environment for student success.

maine white water kayakingMaine Kayak's Beginner One & Two white water Courses introduce basic flatwater skills and progress to class II-III white water paddling techniques throughout the course curriculum.   These courses are offered as a complimentary and successive instructional forum to take student's from novice white water boaters to advanced beginner Class III paddlers. Call our friendly office staff toll free at 1.866.624.6352 for more information or to book your white water kayaking vacation in Maine.

|| Beginner One & Two White Water Kayaking ||


beginner white water kayakingThe Beginner One Whitewater Course introduces students to the art of kayaking.   Fundamental boating skills such as boat balance, proper paddling technique, safety, and basic paddling strokes are addressed.   Over the three-day course, students progress from flatwater paddling to Class II river running.



2014 BEGINNER ONE COURSE DATE: 06/21, 22, 23
*Make your own course with just 4 or more people. Please call our office if your group as alternative dates in mind.

|| Beginner One Whitewater Kayaking ||


maine white water kayakingOur Beginner Two Course builds on the skill foundation provided by our Beginner I course.   Students will have the opportunity to refresh and refine their paddling knowledge and technique.   More advanced paddling skills will be taught such as the Eskimo roll.   These courses are offered as a complimentary and successive instructional forum to take students from novice white water boaters to advanced beginner Class III paddlers. Beginner Two participants are required to have either completed the Beginner One course or have demonstrated Beginner-level abilities and white water experience.

|| Beginner Two Whitewater Kayaking ||


intermediate white waterThe Intermediate Course focuses on the needs of the skilled whitewater paddler who seeks to refine their whitewater technique. For our intermediate section, participants should have basic knowledge of white water paddling and an accompished Eskimo roll. This course is designed for the skilled white water paddler seeking to expand their rodeo and playboating abilities and is offered on the river best suited to the student's learning objectives.

|| Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking ||


The Private and Advanced white water instruction is offered on all rivers for students who seek advanced white waterto benefit from the advantages of one-on-one instruction. Private instruction is scheduled at the convenience of the customers during times outside of scheduled course dates. Private instruction is offered for all skill levels and takes places at various locations depending upon the skill and goals of the student. Advanced white water instruction can be reserved for one-on-one or group kayaking lessons. Advanced boaters are encouraged to call our friendly office staff to check on course availability and to schedule preferred dates.

|| Private & Advanced Whitewater Kayaking ||

Call us toll free in the US and Canada at 1-866-Maine Kayak

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